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Net or aggregate high volumes of lower value trades to reduce processing and settlement cost and complexity.

Net or aggregate high volumes of lower value trades to reduce processing and settlement cost and complexity.

Process \ Netting & Aggregation
Process \ Netting & Aggregation

Our trade netting and aggregation services reduce ticket volumes by up to 99%.


Used by banks and prime brokers to minimise processing costs associated with high volume, low value trade flows, our solutions compress these trades into a much smaller number of high value tickets for onward processing and settlement.

Netting and aggregation benefits firms by eliminating the need for processing a large number of separate transactions, reducing the gross number of like for like tickets into a single instruction. This creates significant operational efficiencies by streamlining processes and avoiding the operational risk and per-ticket costs associated with booking and settling individual component trades.

Benefits of our Netting & Aggregation service

Reduced costs

Only settle net or aggregate trades – per ticket settlement costs on the underlying component-trades are eliminated.


Robust Infrastructure

OSTTRA services are built for high volume and high velocity trading.

Real-time dashboards

Monitor and report on current and historical netting and aggregation activity.


for Securities

The OSTTRA Cash PB settlement netting service for Equity & Fixed Income trades is a rules-based ticket netting engine that supports operational efficiencies by:

  • Aggregating or netting the gross population of bi-lateral trade activity between Execution & Prime brokers to reduce settlement volumes and associated costs
  • Determining whether or not each deal is netting-eligible based on customer-defined parameters
  • Facilitating inventory management and capital efficiencies leading to improved settlement rates and further cost reductions
  • Providing a centralised market tool supporting optimised, efficient, automated and consistent post-trade processing from execution through settlement


for FX

OSTTRA NetLink reduces FX trade booking overheads for FX Prime Brokers and Liquidity Providers by:

  • Aggregating bid and ask groups from high-volume trading activity to reduce the cost and risk of booking individual component trades
  • Supporting high volumes of FX trades executed on a bi-lateral, triparty and four-way basis
  • Reducing operational risk by aggregating only fully matched trades, with robust monitoring and exception management processes
  • Offering a high degree of configuration to control aggregation criteria for each relationship


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