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Optimise counterparty risk exposures and reduce the cost of funding IM and Capital requirements, while mitigating systemic risk. A multi-target solution for maximum efficiency.

Optimise counterparty risk exposures and reduce the cost of funding IM and Capital requirements, while mitigating systemic risk. A multi-target solution for maximum efficiency.

Counterparty Risk Optimisation
Counterparty Risk Optimisation

Market participants in OTC derivatives face increasing challenges.

Counterparty credit risk impacts a firm’s cost of trading due to SA-CCR capital requirements, RWA, Leverage Ratio and Initial Margin, facing bilateral counterparties and clearinghouses.

We can help reduce counterparty and systemic risks and enable more efficient use of operational resources according to your individual preferences. A multilateral solution to provide optimum efficiency, our service is supported by the largest network of dealers optimising IM/UMR and Capital/SA-CCR exposures for FX, Interest Rates, Equity Credit and commodities. Web-based, with no software installation necessary, we use a simple, trusted and uniform process, allowing you to achieve more scalability without increasing resources.

Our easy to use solution enables you to address the key issues that drive the cost of maintaining a portfolio simultaneously:

  • Capital costs, driven by leverage ratio as well as standardised and internal model-driven Risk Weighted Assets (RWA) via SA-CCR and (IMM)
  • Funding costs – resulting from non-cleared margin and CCP IM
  • Gross exposures impacting G-SIB, balance sheet, and general housekeeping


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We are pleased with the OSTTRA triBalance service and welcome scalable solutions that optimise margin and capital for industry participants. We actively manage participation in multilateral services that facilitate risk reduction with OTC participants & CCPs.”

Dave Bolatin, Global Head of FICC Capital & Portfolio Optimisation at Goldman Sachs

Benefits of our Counterparty Risk Optimisation service

Optimise the target(s) that are most relevant for you and customise the outcome according to your preferences.

Capital optimisation
Reduce capital requirements for SA-CCR and RWA & free up operational resources.

IM reduction
Reduce the cost of funding initial margin across all asset classes, facing bilateral and CCP counterparties.

Optimise in our growing network without hidden fees via our transparent pay as you go pricing model.

Easy to use
Be live within a day, our web-based service requires no installation and offers a high level or automation.

Information security focus with 20 years of experience managing client data, ISO 27001 certified and global 24/5 support.

Managing counterparty credit risk is a key activity for the industry today; Different firms move at different speeds and have different preferences. Multilateral optimisation is the only scalable way to efficiently manage the challenge.”

Erik Petri, Head of Optimisation

How it works


Benefit FX Rates Equity Commodity Credit
Initial Margin
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Capital Exposure

Unlike non-cleared margin exposures, bilateral RWA and Leverage Ratio exposures are not actively reconciled by the industry. Exposures are therefore less aligned, which negatively impacts the efficiency of optimisation and therefore, the ability of the market to actively manage and bring these exposures down.

To counter this, we now offer capital exposure reconciliation – a centralised service to reconcile SA-CCR and capital exposures. Customers can benefit from improved counterparty credit risk data quality, enabling our client network to compare and verify the size and direction of exposures, and thus to increase the efficiency and accuracy of capital optimisation.

Reaping the margin and capital rewards of a counterparty risk mitigation service

Our panel of industry experts establish the key challenges faced within margin and capital optimisation.

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