OSTTRA - The Global Posttrade Network

Connecting the world’s financial institutions across Capital Markets to exchange, confirm and reconcile post-trade data from trade capture to portfolio optimisation.


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Powering post-trade workflows

Powering post-trade workflows
We build and manage the post-trade workflows financial institutions rely on to process and reconcile their trades, manage exceptions and enable timely settlement for all OTC and exchange-traded derivative markets.


Foreign Exchange Credit Derivatives Equity Derivatives Interest Rate Derivatives Exchange Traded Derivatives

Optimising Risk and Capital through the Post-trade lifecycle
$2,400 trillion
gross notional

Portfolio Compression

90% of OTC

Portfolio Reconciliation

10 trillion risk
per second

XVA Calculations

145 Banking Groups
optimising fixing 
& strike risk

Basis Risk Optimisation

At the heart of safe and efficient global markets, critical to the future of post trade.


Our services are vital to automated trade processing around the globe, managing peak volumes and working with our customers and regulators to enable the efficient settlement of trades and effective operation of global capital markets.

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Vikash Rughani & Peter Altero
12 Sep 2022

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Global financial markets trust our network and services for critical trade processing, efficient capital allocation, and effective risk management.