Initial Margin

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Simplify compliance to initial margin requirements with SIMM™ sensitivity calculations, IM analytics and IM backtesting from our easy-to-use, cost-effective service.

Simplify compliance to initial margin requirements with SIMM™ sensitivity calculations, IM analytics and IM backtesting from our easy-to-use, cost-effective service.

Initial Margin Analytics
Initial Margin Analytics

Institutions across the industry are using the OSTTRA triCalculate valuation service to compute trade sensitivities for the simulation, monitoring and processing of initial margin.

Beyond daily margin processes, we can help you compare results generated through both the SIMM™ and Schedule calculation methods, identify and prioritise counterparties with high expected IM and anticipate IM costs using our analytics tool. Integration to OSTTRA triCalculate is easy; our clients simply send us over their daily trade file and we calculate SIMM™ inputs in-line with the latest model specification and connect automatically to OSTTRA triResolve Margin, Acadia’s IM Exposure Manager™ and other collateral management systems.

Benefits of our Initial Margin service

Cost effective
Pay-as-you-go, transparent pricing model is more cost efficient than installed software options.

Rapid onboarding
Quick and easy implementation, use an existing trade file to perform calculations.

Evolves with the SIMM™ model, allowing you to easily adapt to changes.

Seamless connectivity
Sends your SIMM™ file directly to the IM Exposure Manager and connects seamlessly with OSTTRA triResolve Margin.

Valuations included
Receive independent OTC derivatives valuations at no extra charge.

Centralised and scalable
Leverage a hosted service with no hardware or software requirements.

How it works

A clearer picture for initial margin

SIMM™ vs Schedule

Supports both methodologies and can help in the SIMM™ vs. schedule decision-making process with analytics on the effects of each methodology on IM costs.

Sample your future IM costs

IM Analytics allows you to identify a suitable portfolio for your first week’s, month’s, and year’s worth of trading and to simulate your IM cost across all eligible relationships, allowing a more accurate depiction of your IM cost.

In-scope counterparties

IM threshold can help you prioritise setting up your IM agreements, so you can anticipate a breach in the threshold sooner.


Our counterparty risk optimisation service can help simplify and optimise your OTC derivatives portfolios and reduce funding costs of meeting initial margin obligations across both bilateral and cleared relationships for FX, rates, credit and equity risk classes.

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Complete Margin Management

Included Service


Comply with the backtesting requirements. Clients are using our cost effective solution to monitor the effectiveness of SIMM™ on their portfolio. In parallel with the calculation of daily initial margin, OSTTRA triCalculate can be used to compare 10 day SIMM™ to 10 day actual PnL moves. We can schedule reporting of your backtesting results on a monthly or quarterly basis dependent on your requirements.

Pre-Deal Check

Optimise your initial margin exposures before trade execution. Our pre-deal check service is fast and intuitive, providing real-time estimates of marginal and total portfolio regulatory initial margin exposure for derivative trades. Run ‘what-if’ scenarios to assess the potential impact of new derivative trades against single or multiple counterparties, netting sets and/or intraday trades and have insight into the real ‘all in’ cost of a trade.

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