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Central to connecting thousands of counterparties worldwide. Pivotal in processing millions of trades every day. Critical to optimising and reconciling FX portfolios. And crucial to mitigating bilateral FX settlement risk.

\ For Foreign Exchange
\ For Foreign Exchange

Connecting the world’s top 50 banks with thousands of counterparties and venues via our unrivalled global network.

Mitigating credit risk across thousands of Prime Broker, Executing Broker and client relationships.

Processing FX trades across all instruments, automating every step of the post-trade workflow.

Reconciling, validating and aligning portfolios across more than 2,000 counterparties.

Analysing risk, margin and valuation metrics with more than 10 trillion calculations per second.

Optimising capital allocation, basis risk and counterparty credit risk across 28 currencies.

The network that underpins global FX trade processing


From credit limits to trade notifications, confirmations to cashflows, our network sits at the heart of FX post trade. Processing bilateral and triparty trade flows, our solutions cut through the complexity of the fragmented FX market, standardising workflows, reconciling portfolios and optimising risk and capital allocation for all participants.

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Trade Notification

Manage trade notifications via one single connection to our unparalleled network – source execution notices from hundreds of venues to thousands of clients, transform data, integrate, and automate trade booking.

Give Up Messaging

Notify Prime Brokers of trades and allocations via a single, consolidated interface. Our network underpins the FX Prime Brokerage community, ensuring efficient communication of trade details and status throughout the give-up process.

Limit Checking

Document, manage and monitor limits while dynamically distributing credit across FX venues in real time, using our integrated suite of credit risk management services.

Credit Risk Management

Document, manage and monitor limits while dynamically distributing credit across FX venues in real time, using our integrated suite of credit risk management services.

Trade Affirmation

Affirm broker or venue published trades via a single user interface to trigger straight through processing direct to downstream systems.

Trade Matching and Confirmation

Match trade details from two or more counterparties to enable multiple workflows, from legal confirmation to give ups, clearing to allocations.

Allocations Processing

Ensure accurate booking of fund and account level trading activity with comprehensive allocation processing and break management – either on a bi-lateral basis or via give-ups to multiple Prime Brokers.

Clearing Connectivity

Manage the clearing workflow with CCPs across multiple jurisdictions via our centralised platform that supports both block and allocation level clearing connectivity for dealer-to-dealer and client-to-dealer trading activity.

Payments Processing

Exchange and match cashflow messages via our centralised hub – automating periodic payments and streamlining the settlement process.

Netting & Aggregation

Reduce settlement risk by netting counterparty cash flows and improve processing efficiency by aggregating high volume FX trades using average pricing to reduce ticket processing overheads.

Portfolio Reconciliation

Automate portfolio reconciliation across multiple counterparties and trade repositories via our unrivalled network.  Streamlined, exception-based workflows efficiently detect and resolve disputes and differences.

XVA Calculations

Streamline XVA risk calculations via our centralised service that uses transparent, consistent models across FX instruments.

Initial Margin Analytics

Calculate trade sensitivities and analyse initial margin requirements based on standard models.

Portfolio Compression

Compress FX swaps, forwards and NDFs on a multilateral basis, terminating trades to reduce capital and operational costs, critical in times of market stress.

Counterparty Risk Optimisation

Optimise FX portfolios by lowering initial margin funding costs and SA-CCR capital requirements, freeing up collateral, and reducing systemic risk.

Collateral Management

Calculate, manage and automate collateral requirements via a consolidated dasboard for maximum operational efficiency.

Basis Risk Management

Manage basis risk in trading portfolios using our services to reduce fixing and strike risk that accumulate over time.

PvP Settlement Orchestration

Mitigate bilateral FX settlement risk, while optimising intraday funding and liquidity, using our on-demand Payment vs Payment (PvP) settlement orchestration service.

Chosen by the world’s most established global banks and the youngest independent investment firms, we have exactly what you need to manage the post-trade challenges of the highly diverse and fragmented FX market.”

Joanna Davies, Head of Trade Processing

Joanna Davies

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