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Calculate and manage collateral requirements via our cross-product workflow. Full automation ensures high levels of STP & connectivity, allowing you to adopt an exceptions-based approach.

Calculate and manage collateral requirements via our cross-product workflow. Full automation ensures high levels of STP & connectivity, allowing you to adopt an exceptions-based approach.

Collateral Management
Collateral Management

Re-invent the collateral process

Increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and meet regulatory goals with OSTTRA triResolve Margin.

Replace legacy processes with an automated workflow, allowing you to complete margin calls in seconds not hours. With comprehensive support for multiple asset classes you can manage all margin processing via a single dashboard. We provide full support to assist with data setup, allowing go-live in days – including out-of-the-box integration with industry services.

Our unique offering combines full workflow automation with market-leading dispute resolution tools, ensuring margin differences can be identified, and resolved, in real-time. This unique combination of capabilities increases transparency and reduces credit exposure.

Benefits of our Collateral

Standardisation & Optimisation

Simplifies data capture & normalisation, supports data quality checks and provides best-practice workflows across products.


End-to-end automation of data capture, calculation, workflow, collateral booking, settlement & reporting delivers maximum STP.


Seamless connectivity to counterparties, clearing brokers, custodians, data providers and industry utilities: including SWIFT, Acadiasoft & DTCC.

Integrated dispute resolution

Quickly identify margin call differences, view dispute drivers and reduce your risk.

SWIFT settlement

Instruction & real-time confirmation of VM/IM payments across multiple custodians & triparty agents.

Rapid onboarding

With no installation required and full support from our expert team, go live within days.

Having the ability to manage all our third party & triparty Initial Margin positions & RQVs in a single system, that communicates with multiple custodians via SWIFT message, is a real time-saver for the bank. We can also track the status of each settlement in triResolve Margin directly without having to login into multiple separate custodian systems.”

Large Regional Bank

How it works

Having portfolio reconciliation and our margin calculation in the same place just makes sense. OSTTRA triResolve Margin has provided us with the automation we needed to be able to focus more on our risk, rather than the process.”


Case studies

Margin Management Success Stories

Included Services


To assist clients with the requirement to instruct collateral payments, we offer connectivity to a range of thirdparty custodians and triparty agents (including: BNY Mellon, Clearstream, Euroclear & JP Morgan). Instruction of payments via SWIFT ensures automated collateral instruction and real-time settlement monitoring & reporting.

The high-level of flexibility means clients benefit from connectivity not just to their own preferred agent, but a wider industry network, thus supporting requirements to notify a counterparty’s agent for IM receipt. A flexible approach means we support the specific technical & booking requirements of each custodian, thus removing the need for complex bespoke configuration. Off the shelf support for a wide range of SWIFT message standards allows instruction of cash & securities.


Leverage historical data for comprehensive analysis of your portfolios, including margin activity, dispute trends and reconciliation & exposure differences over time. Allows drilldown to view data by counterparty, agreement type etc.

Cleared &
ETD margining

Connectivity to clearing brokers & FCM’s to capture statements & portfolios, supporting margin call calculation & portfolio reconciliation. Leverage automated margin call workflow, allowing you to manage cleared & non-cleared products via a single dashboard.

Cash interest

Automed tracking of cash collateral balances, including calculation of accrual amounts to post & receive. Dedicated workflow to support monthly interest confirmation & exchange process, including reconciliation of cash balances, rates & accrual amounts.

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