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Intrinsic to simplifying and standardising Exchange Traded Derivatives processing – post-trade. Key to driving efficiencies and transparency between counterparties. And essential to optimising capital allocation and collateral management.

\ For ETDs
\ For ETDs

The network that underpins global Exchange Traded Derivative processing

From trade notifications to allocations, reconciliation to compression, OSTTRA connects a global network of banks, clients, exchanges and CCPs to simplify ETD post-trade processing, reconcile portfolios and optimise risk and capital allocation.

Transform your exchange-traded derivatives operations

Trade Capture

Send and receive fills, drop copies, status messages, allocations and confirmations at every stage of the ETD post-trade workflow.

Give up Messaging

Send and receive the give-ups and give-ins that enable triparty workflows between executing brokers, clearing brokers and clients providing end-to-end visibility of each trade.

Trade Matching and Confirmation

Identify trade breaks and mismatches on T-zero via our flexible exception-based matching engine that automates reconciliations in real-time, providing full transparency of trade status to ensure accurate booking.

Allocations Processing

Streamline and expedite the ETD allocations process, with flexible calculations and real time communication between clients and brokers to ensure timely confirmation and accurate booking.

Portfolio Reconciliation

Automate portfolio reconciliation across multiple counterparties and trade repositories via our unrivalled network. Streamlined, exception-based workflows efficiently detect and resolve disputes and differences.

Collateral Management

Calculate, manage and automate collateral requirements via a consolidated dashboard for maximum operational efficiency.

Cash Flow Management

Automating the cash-flow-processing challenge with a standard workflow and matching engine, to reduce risks and deliver transparency.

Our current focus on supporting the FIA blueprint to modernise trading and clearing processes builds on more than a decade of collaboration with the industry to innovate and address inefficiencies in ETD post-trade processing.”

Robert Costick, Director, New Business Initiatives FX & Securities

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