Futureproofing Listed Derivatives:
Building operational resilience across the market

This study on the state of ETD post-trade operations shows significant progress has been made, but major risks remain.

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In March 2020, the volatility and record volumes triggered by the initial outbreak of Covid-19 overwhelmed post-trade infrastructure. Our study, produced by Acuiti in association with OSTTRA, finds that whilst a significant majority believe that progress on resilience has been made since 2020, 61% of respondents feel that there are still major risks in the listed derivatives post-trade environment, with allocations and give-ups key areas of concern. “Futureproofing Listed Derivatives Post-trade” is based on a survey and series of interviews with senior executives at 57 of the major sell-side and buy-side firms operating in listed derivatives.

The key findings of our ETD Industry Survey include:

  1. Top Investment Priorities: Discover the top three areas where organisations are planning substantial investments over the next three years, providing critical insights into industry trends and future focus areas.
  2. Cloud Evolution: Explore how organisations’ attitudes towards cloud-based software have transformed over the past five years, with 55% expressing significantly increased openness to cloud solutions.
  3. Post-Trade Complexities: Uncover the top three areas of complexity for both buy-side and sell-side institutions, shedding light on challenges faced in collateral optimisation, margin processing, and reconciliations.
  4. Data Standardisation: Learn about the industry’s stance on a mandatory, expanded data set for each trade, with 43% expressing a strong belief in its necessity and 57% considering its potential benefits.
  5. DMIST’s 30/30/30 Proposals: Gain insights into industry perceptions of DMIST’s 30/30/30 proposals, with 49% highlighting concerns about high volume trading sessions continuing to cause issues.


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