OSTTRA TradeServ Go-Live

OSTTRA Trade Processing for Credit is transitioning to its new technology platform, OSTTRA TradeServ. Firms are able to test all functionality now, with go live planned for October 2022.


Our global trade matching service for credit default swaps launched in 2003. Since then MarkitServ, and now OSTTRA, have provided the credit derivatives market with trade matching, legal confirmation, novation consent, regulatory reporting and much more. OSTTRA TradeServ, a replacement for DSMatch is already live for confirmation and clearing across several FX products. The platform is built on micro-service architecture that delivers higher levels of flexibility and customisation, with a new graphical user interface.

The video was recorded prior to the change in go-live date.

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Standard workflows 

Extensive industry engagement over many years has resulted in 98% of applicable credit derivatives trades now bilaterally confirmed on OSTTRA TradeServ

Global network

OSTTRA Trade Processing for Credit Derivatives benefits from an established community of 2,000+ global market participants

Greater flexibility

OSTTRA TradeServ provides users with better access to trade data, easier integration and more frequent service upgrades in response to changing regulation and industry needs

The launch of OSTTRA TradeServ in conjunction with DTCC, who are re platforming their Trade Information Warehouse (TIW) at the same time, allows OSTTRA to be even more responsive to customer needs and makes it easier for users to interact with their data and customise workflows.

—  Simon Todd, Head of Credit Business Development at OSTTRA

How it works

Transactions are submitted to OSTTRA TradeServ by dealer, client or vendor, via MQ, user interface or CSV for matching.

Accepted trades are legally confirmed following industry standards.

Exceptions are clearly highlighted to customers in the OSTTRA TradeServ UI.

Upon trade or post trade event being confirmed transactions are passed to DTCC’s TIW for registration with acknowledgement sent back to OSTTRA TradeServ.

Supported events and contracts


Lifecycle Events








Single Name CDS


Index Tranche






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