Settlement Automation

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Automated SWIFT settlement instruction across a range of product types including collateral, interest, cashflow, and repo*.


\ SWIFT Automation
\ SWIFT Automation

Legacy settlement processes can be overly manual, slow and introduce unnecessary operational risk.


The OSTTRA settlement service offers a simple way to connect to an extensive range of custodians across multiple products via one single platform. SWIFT messages are generated and sent to the market via STP, removing the need for manual processing of settlement instruction, reducing operational risk and settlement fails.


The service supports multiple SWIFT MTx message types across a range of assets, plus coverage for custodian-specific formatting requirements of each custodian. Rather than having to build integration to multiple custodians, we simplify the process for you, onboarding each custodian and providing industry-standard connectivity saving you time and effort.


With increasing pressures on post-trade operational processes resulting from moves to a shorter T+1 settlement cycle, our solution frees up more time for you to focus on the things that matter.


*Future enhancement


Reduce settlement fails & operational risk
Remove the risk of user error when manually inputting a settlement instruction and reduce settlement fails.

Real-time settlement updates
Our dashboard provides real-time insight into whether movements are approved, sent, settled or require investigation.

Operational savings
Reduce manual intervention and instruct settlement across multiple products and custodians via STP.

Robust controls
Review the underlying event and validate all settlement details are correct before the instruction is processed.

Comprehensive reporting allows you to view details of all collateral both received/posted in your triparty accounts.

Standard Settlement Instructions
One-time setup and approval for both own and counterparty accounts.

We take care of any SWIFT updates, ensuring the Settlement Service helps you navigate future challenges.

Case Study

See how a large regional bank is using our SWIFT automation

“Having the ability to manage all our third party & triparty Initial Margin positions & RQVs in a single system that can communicate with multiple custodians via SWIFT message is a real time-saver for our bank.  We can also track the status of each RQV in triResolve Margin directly without having to login into multiple separate custodian systems.”

Large Regional Bank

How it works

“OSTTRA offers buyside firms’ easier access to tri-party services, further facilitating preparations for UMR. Ultimately, the broader adoption of tri-party services that interlink margin and settlement processes will reduce risk, meet regulatory requirements and improve market efficiency.”

Olivier Grimonpont, Head of Global Collateral Management, Euroclear

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