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Streamlining Repo confirmation and lifecycle events to reduce operational cost and risk.

OSTTRA Trade Processing for Repos automates the post-trade workflow from initial confirmation through the contract lifecycle, including allocations, amendments, re-rates and terminations.


Built on our trusted MarkitWire platform, with its established network of 2,000+ firms, our solution centralises and streamlines Repo processing.

Introducing standard workflows to create a legally confirmed record which is updated through the trade lifecycle, OSTTRA Trade Processing for Repos gives complete transparency to all counterparties at every step of the workflow.

By quickly highlighting and resolving trade breaks, our solution reduces the need for reconciliation and cuts confirmation time from days to minutes, reducing cost and risk for Repo operations.

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Faster confirmations

With electronic trade affirmation and pre-agreed legal terms, our solution cuts new trade and lifecycle event confirmation times from days to minutes, helping firms meet CSDR obligations.

Standard workflows

Extensive industry engagement and alignment with the established MarkitWire rulebook ensures our solution brings much needed standardisation to Repo processing.

Global network

Built on our MarkitWire platform and accessible via Markit Trade Manager, OSTTRA Trade Processing for Repos benefits from an established community of 2,000+ global market participants.

The introduction of new regulatory mandates has focussed our customer’s attention on Repo post-trade workflows, which have been slow to evolve. Following broad engagement via our industry working groups, we’re leveraging our established MarkitWire platform and global community of 2,000+ firms to transform the Repo post-trade lifecycle, delivering a real reduction in cost and risk.

— Peter Altero Jr, Head of Rates Business Development at OSTTRA

How it works

Transactions submitted to OSTTRA by venue or dealer via API, user interface or CSV upload for counterparty affirmation.

Accepted trades are legally confirmed based on standard terms.

Lifecycle events are processed according to an agreed rulebook.

Exceptions are clearly highlighted to all parties and resolved directly on the platform.

Supported events and contracts


Lifecycle Events

New deals
Block & Allocations
Early Termination
Re-rate / Re-price

Contract Types

Agency & Principal
Collateral (GC, Special, Bond, Equity)
Floating/Fixed Rate
Cross Currency



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