Single Sign On (SSO) FAQs

Single Sign On (SSO) FAQs

Welcome to the Single-Sign On (SSO) FAQs for OSTTRA. We’re excited to introduce our new portal with enhanced security and convenience, allowing you to access multiple OSTTRA applications using a single set of credentials. Below, you will find answers to common questions about SSO and how it will impact your user experience.


1. What is SSO?

SSO, or Single Sign-On, is a new OSTTRA portal with a secure authentication process that lets you access multiple OSTTRA applications using a single set of credentials. If you currently use multiple OSTTRA platforms, you’ll be able to log in once to access them all.

2. What does federated setup mean?

Federated access means you can use your organisation’s own authentication service to access OSTTRA services. No additional credentials are needed – you will have access to SSO simply by logging into your computer.

3. What does non-federated setup mean?

Non-federated setup means OSTTRA manages your user login credentials. You will log in using a secure process called OTP (One Time Password) and authenticate using a method of your choice for two-factor authentication.

4. Which OSTTRA applications are in scope?

SSO will be rolled out across all OSTTRA products in phases, starting with CFD. You will be notified when other platforms you use are added to SSO. Until then, you will continue to access those applications directly.

5. How do I gain access to SSO?

Each platform will undergo carefully planned and communicated user migration, initially opting for non-federated access by default. A link will be provided to sign in to SSO, where you can select the platform you want to access without re-entering credentials.

6. What will happen to my existing account?

Your access will remain the same under SSO, and your user permissions will remain unchanged. At a future point, direct access will be removed, but this is not imminent and you will be kept informed of dates.

7. Can one SSO login be used to access a single platform for different entities?

Yes, if you currently have access to one platform for multiple entities, all accounts will be available once you log in to SSO. You will continue to have access only to the platforms which you currently use.

8. How will SSO impact me if I use a distribution email address to login?

Group email address logins will be excluded from SSO. If you currently log in with a group email address, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure you have your own account created.

9. Who do I reach out to for further information?

For further information, please contact your customer success manager or Richard Crossley, Director of Operational Excellence, at