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Automating paper-based workflows with our Paper Digitisation Module.

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OSTTRA Trade Manager provides Investment Managers and Fund Administrators with consolidated post trade workflows and transparency across multiple asset classes.

Trade Manager
Trade Manager

As global regulations evolve, new trade certainty, clearing and reporting requirements are compressing timeframes and increasing oversight at every stage of the trade lifecycle, demanding an efficient, integrated approach to trade processing.


However, complex, nonstandard trades continue to be captured and confirmed via long-form paper documents, and while this process offers flexibility and diversity to investors, it creates significant operational cost and risk.

Our new paper digitisation module uses artificial intelligence (AI) to significantly enhances the existing paper workflows on OSTTRA Trade Manager by digitising, auto-matching and reviewing paper-based trades.

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Benefits of our
Paper Digitisation Module

Operational efficiencies

Digitised paper trades can be easily matched to client submitted trade records, automating the confirmation process and reducing manual overheads.

Regulatory compliance

Fewer processing delays and faster turnaround time helps meet reporting, reconciliation, transparency and audit requirements.

Reduced operational risk

Removes reliance on manual processing, reducing mistakes when identifying differences in the transaction records.

Cross asset class support

FX Options, Equity Swaps, Equity Options, Bond Options, NDFs & Commodity Swaps in 2022, with an ongoing roadmap according to requirements.

OSTTRA Trade Manager paper workflows


Historically, the time it takes to process and confirm a paper OTC trade can take days and in some cases weeks. No two documents have the same legal structure – which presents a major headache to a typical investment manager dealing with multiple counterparties and numerous instrument types. Our solution uses AI to adapt to any type of paper transaction, irrespective of length or format. By adding a paper digitisation element to Trade Manager, Investment Managers will be able to process the more convoluted derivatives transactions alongside their existing electronic trade flow – allowing them to monitor all their OTC trades in one place.”

Umniya Ahmed, Executive Director, Buy-Side Strategy, at OSTTRA

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