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Real-time credit check service enabling sponsored clearing of OTC Equities.

Our Equity LimitHub service enables sponsoring General Clearing Member (GCM) firms to credit check and approve their bank and broker clients’ OTC equity trade flow for clearing.

LimitHub allows sponsored Non-Clearing Member (NCM) firms that currently settle their trades bilaterally to join Traiana’s CCP Connect network and clear European OTC Equities at a range of clearinghouses, reducing settlement cost and risk and increasing capital efficiency.

LimitHub is the latest addition to Traiana’s comprehensive set of services for streamlining OTC equity trade processing.


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“The launch of Traiana’s Equity LimitHub service comes at a time when the market is looking to clear more OTC equities flow to benefit from settlement and capital efficiencies, especially in preparation for the CSDR mandate.”


Equity LimitHub for
General Clearing Members

Equity LimitHub provides sponsoring GCMs with:

Limit Configuration to set and monitor NCM client credit limits; Credit Limit Checking for all trades executed by NCM clients; a web-based User Interface to oversee sponsored NCM client activity and Limit Disabling allowing the GCM to remove credit provisions from sponsored NCM clients.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective risk control for sponsored clearing flows
  • Growth in sponsored clearing flows, with comprehensive workflow support
  • Seamless integration with existing OTC Equity workflow services from Traiana

Equity LimitHub
for Non-Clearing Members

Equity LimitHub provides sponsoring non GCMs with:

Central credit checking for sponsored clearing of OTC equities via a GCM to reduce CSDR impact and risks.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce settlement risk – via central clearing of OTC trades
  • Reduce settlement costs – via multilateral netting at the CCP
  • Manage CSDR and UMR obligations – via increased settlement and
    capital efficiency


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Credit Risk Management

The new limit tool will enable BNP Paribas Securities Services to monitor our extensive NCM broker and swap provider client portfolio to approve their daily trading activity for clearing using our General Clearing Membership status.

Camille Papillard
Head of clearing and settlement products at BNP Paribas Securities

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